Best Tools to Find People’s Contacts in Any Field

Best Tools to Find People’s Contacts in Any Field

Thanks to resources such as Google and Facebook, Tools discovering people’s contact information has never been easier. For most situations, these conventional methods are fine. However, in special situations, more is needed to find contact information. You may be looking to get in touch with the owner of a company to discuss a potential commercial partnership, or you might be working in talent acquisition and need powerful tools to find the best candidates. Here we’ve listed the best tools to find people’s contacts in any field. 

Whatever your motive is, we’ve come up with a list of the best people finder tools that can help you get the full picture of someone and allow you to get in contact by phone or email.



Pipl is a search service that scours different profiles and databases along with third-party databases to bring back contact information. It’s a truly global service, making it useful for anyone with an international profile who needs to find people in different countries. Searches return contact details like addresses and phone numbers, online activity, and mentions in records of public matters.

One useful feature of Pipl is that you can narrow down searches by location, down to a city or even a postal code, so if you have some idea of your target’s rough location it can make finding them much easier.


If the odds are high that the individual you’re looking for has a presence on social media, YoName can track them down. The service scours all the major social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, including many less popular platforms. The results can sometimes take some time to go through, but this process is made easier by the interface and the way it lays out results in tables. However, if a person doesn’t have a significant social media presence, or prefers not to share their contact details in their profile, then YoName may be of limited interest. 


If you want to connect with people professionally or find contact details to help recruit new staff, SignalHire is the service to use. It allows you to search by name, location, and contact information and helps with batch searches. It also scours social media content to let you find contact information with keyword searches through their files and comments that often prove more revealing than basic profile information.

Third-party services also verify the emails provided, so if you try to message the person there’s no chance of your email ending up in the inbox of a bot or a case of mistaken identity. SignalHire recruitment tools work very well in professional arenas and can provide an easy way to forge new partnerships and hire the right people.

Zoom Info 

Zoom Info is an okay service for trying to get in touch with people at work, but it’s not the most intuitive we’ve used. You can search through results to include job roles and the names of employers, as well as search by location. Searches are free, but the “contact this person” link that pops up next to results can only be used when you sign up.

There’s not really any point in paying a lot of money for the service, since all you have to do is use the contact information yourself to get in touch with the person if you don’t mind some extra effort.


Jobster is like a recruitment site mixed with LinkedIn. Mainly you search for jobs you want to work in on the site, but there’s also an option to search for people as well. Honestly, we tried to use this service but the performance was just not that good if you’re really serious.

Maybe you will find some contact information for a manager who you can call if you are looking for a job at their company, which might work. However many other recruitment sites offer this service as well, so Jobster is not anything special?


If you want more than someone’s basic contact details, Whitepages is a service that may be of interest. It offers reasonably detailed background checks on a person that includes any properties owned in their name, their address history, and any outstanding court orders they may be holding.

If that’s not enough, you can also access details about their friends, colleagues, and family. Basic contact information is also available. Search parameters you can use to try and find people include name, phone number, or address. The service has a lot of depth, but the nature of its searching makes it more suited for background checks than anything else, and it’s not the cheapest service on the market.


Intelius is a powerful people finder that pulls information from a wide variety of sources. The site offers a comprehensive range of features including deep background checks and past addresses that other services might not be able to source.

The only drawback is that services do not come cheap. If you’re willing to pay the money, then Intelius will probably direct you to the person you need, but at a basic rate of $40 per search, you may be able to achieve the same results with a little bit of detective work somewhere else.

Final Words

These services make it easy to find people in any circumstance, but they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Intelius, for example, maybe a powerful resource, but if you need to find people for recruitment or professional purposes, SignalHire will be much cheaper for sustained use. If you’re having trouble deciding on which tool to use, some services like SignalHire offer a free trial to test their features for yourself. Take into account the different price plans and whether this fits the frequency of searches you anticipate yourself making, and you’ll find the people finder that’s right for you.

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