Corsair K100 RGB Gaming Keyboard for Gamers 2021

Corsair K100 RGB Gaming Keyboard for Gamers 2021

It’s difficult to develop flawlessness. However, corsair’s difficult. The $229 Corsair K100 RGB, Gaming Keyboard replacement to the cherished K95 RGB Platinum, adds a new layer of paint, new restrictive opto-mechanical switches, an adjustable control dial, much more RGBs, and a chic new wrist rest. Regardless of changing such countless things, the K100 actually conveys the K95’s phenomenal center plan. All things considered, a large number of its new components offer just qualified enhancements. Assuming you need the kitchen sink of gaming consoles, the K100 is presently the most adjustable, highlight rich console available. More doesn’t really mean better, however, and a great many people won’t get the best possible deal from its expensive, amazingly client explicit redesigns.

Gaming Keyboard

Higher Than High-End

Like the K95 RGB Platinum before it, the K100 RGB is a rambling control board of a console, flush with all the personal satisfaction includes a PC gamer would need. It spreads over 1.44 by 18.44 by 6.5 inches (HWD) or, even better, 1.44 by 18.44 by 9.44 inches when you factor in the thin, however very much cushioned separable wrist rest.

The K100 RGB got a visual upgrade to coordinate with its “higher-than-very good quality” command: Its brushed aluminum top board absorbs all the more light, on account of the RGB light bar that runs one end to the other around the sides and back. The dark PBT twofold shot keycaps look perfect. The status marker lights, similar to covers lock and number lock, spring up from under a screen-like plexiglass board. I wouldn’t venture to such an extreme as to call it “proficient”- looking—the RGBs sort of kill that energy—however it looks lavish. The K100 is a pricey console, and it looks like it.

Furthermore, that monstrous work area impression is a little cost to pay to get all of its extra keys, fastens, and advantages. Notwithstanding the standard 104 keys on a regular, you’ll discover six devoted large scale keys, named G1-G6, marginally offset from the furthest left keys. Like the Editors’ Choice honor wining K95 Platinum XT delivered recently, the K100 works with Elgato’s Stream Deck programming, making it simple to allot video creation capacities like exchanging sources and stream scenes to your extra keys, notwithstanding the standard scope of framework level capacities and custom macros.

OPX Tech

The K100 is the primary console with Corsair’s new restrictive OPX opto-mechanical switches. For the unenlightened, optical or opto-mechanical switches utilize a laser cutoff to decide when a key has been squeezed, as opposed to an actual switch. Squeezing the key brings down an unclogger that breaks the plane of the laser, impelling the key. Like Razer, which has inclined intensely into optical switches somewhat recently with consoles like the Huntsman Tournament Edition and Huntsman Mini, Corsair asserts that optical keys are more strong and impel faster on the grounds that they eliminate debounce delay, a sub-millisecond stop between keystrokes intended to forestall misclicks. Corsair claims OPX switches ought to suffer through 150,000,000 keystrokes, multiple occasions upwards of a great mechanical switch.

Like most optical switches, OPX keys have a hair-trigger—they impel at 1mm, after only 45 grams of power. (Cherry MX Reds, which I regularly portray as having a “light touch,” impel at 2mm). They’re intended to be tapped gently. At the point when you base out the keys, a portion of the keys feel a touch… soft. There’s a little, yet astounding measure of obstruction when you push down completely. It nearly feels as though the keys are attempting to skip back before you’re finished squeezing.

At first, I thought the keys were awkward, yet I’ve become used to the vibe. In the wake of going through seven days utilizing the console, I possibly notice the obstruction when I hold a key down. All things considered, it’s simply an odd inclination that mechanical console veterans will probably take note. Between the lighter-than-light activation and the opposition toward the end, most would agree the switches are certainly a mixed bag. The K100 RGB can likewise come outfitted with Cherry MX Speed Silver switches, which are completely mechanical however ought to have a correspondingly super touchy press.

There are likewise committed media buttons, obviously. In the typical recognize, the upper right corner over the number cushion: Play, stop, skip, rewind, and quiet, in addition to a wide, metal volume roller. Producers frequently keep you from reconfiguring these, particularly when they’re fastens as opposed to keys, however Corsair gives you unlimited oversight, letting you remap every one of them through its product, iCue, including here and there looking on the volume wheel.

The iCue Control Wheel

Full scale and media keys, alongside other reliable extravagances like USB passthrough, are routine; they’re all accessible on both the K95 Platinum and Platinum XT. The K100 likewise has another information called the iCue control wheel, an adaptable full scale dial that gives you admittance to a wide scope of pre-set looking over controls, or whatever you concoct. Swelling out of the left half of the top bar, over the break and F1 keys, the plastic, evenly winding dial gives you more fine control than the in an upward direction looking over volume roller.

Utilizing it precisely requires two fingers, so it’s not intended to be something you tinker with frequently or when it isn’t your essential concentration. Its default capacities, such as Scrubbing through sound tracks, changing the console’s RGB brilliance, and going through applications, aren’t things you’d do while playing a PC game.

The iCue Control Wheel is generally helpful for accuracy changes and simple, exact looking over. The most amazing aspect of the dial is that you don’t have to pick any one capacity. A button in the focal point of the wheel permits you to burn through a bunch of shading coded work modes, so you can utilize the dial for quite a long time on a solitary console profile.

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