The Team Xtreem ARGB GAMING MEMORY pack we’re got here for survey isn’t your standard DDR4 RAM, it’s one of not many 3,600MHz units that accompanies a CAS dormancy of only 14. With essential timings of 14-15-15-35, it’s especially a world class unit. Indeed, in case you’re into overclocking your apparatus, this is a unit that might have as much headroom as any memory modules available. It has a default voltage of 1.45v, which is on the high side for a DDR4 unit, however recall that we’re managing a low dormancy CAS 14 pack. Moreover, there’s a lifetime guarantee in any case.

DDR4 memory truly is developing pleasantly. Only a few years prior, a respectable DDR4-3200 pack was viewed as top of the line, however as we move towards 2021 3,200MHz is currently the pattern for a fair gaming framework. All things considered you could contend that 3,600MHz is the current perfect balance for good execution with next to no huge value premium.


This specific Team Xtreem ARGB memory is—as the name proposes—an addressable RGB pack. Regardless of whether over-the-top, eyeball-browning laser light shows aren’t your thing, this is as yet a pack worth looking at. Each DIMM has a covering that diffuses the lighting across the greater part of the module and the outcome is an inconspicuous and downplayed look. Group doesn’t have its own RGB control application, yet the pack can be controlled just utilizing different motherboard makers’ product suites.

This way you can synchronize the shades of your framework pleasantly. Despite the fact that RGB is apparently all inescapable in current gaming frameworks, this unit in reality actually looks great without it. The modules have a dull blue covering that looks extraordinary without help from anyone else, without thinking twice about the RGB energy.

Things being what they are, how can it perform? As is consistently the situation with elite memory, the advantages are application explicit.

When contrasted with a typical DDR4-3200 unit you do get the odd knock, however any advantage is covered up when you move to higher goals and graphical subtleties. You will see the advantages assuming you need to remove each and every casing with a high invigorate rate screen.

Superior memory is truly just positive when matched with a comparatively high spec framework. Saying this doesn’t imply that a pack like this is a misuse of cash. In case you will drop $1000+ on a designs card, why not sprinkle an additional a $50 or somewhere in the vicinity on some quality RAM to limit any likely bottlenecks? We believe it’s an easy decision, particularly as this unit will hinder you an unassuming $160.

The DDR4-3600 speed rating makes it an ideal unit for an AMD Ryzen 3000 framework as well. The AMD Zen 2 processors are able overclockers, however the memory clock itself is connected to the Infinity Fabric clock, which is by and large restricted to 1,800 MHz or a bit higher. In a 1:1 proportion, this puts DDR4-3600 solidly in the perfect balance for memory speed.

Moving past this speed brings about an inactivity punishment that requires exceptionally high paces to survive. In light of that, a unit like the Team Xtreem ARGB, with its low idleness rating, is actually what was needed. Assuming you need a fitting and play superior memory unit to match with your sparkly new AMD framework, this is hopefully acceptable. There are units with a comparative spec, yet there are none better.

A pack with a base spec like this shouts “overclock me!” It’s worked with the profoundly respected Samsung B-Die IC, however all things being equal, only one out of every odd memory chip can run at 3600 C14 dependably and that implies this is an exceptionally binned unit. Truth be told a portion of the well-known DDR4-4000 and higher units can battle at 3600 C14. We had the option to accomplish DDR4-4400 effectively, yet 4600 ended up being a battle contrasted with a new trial of G.Skill’s superior unit. However, we feel that 4600 MHz is at the constraint of our ASRock Z490 motherboard. As usual, your OC every situation is unique.

We’re presently chipping away at a profound plunge into what fast RAM and timings mean for game execution with a bigger number of games. We’ll incorporate a gander at both Intel and AMD execution. Will we see a few astonishments? Look out for that.

This Team Xtreem ARGB pack with its DDR4-3600 speed and 14-15-15 timings offers an incredible mix of good speed and low idleness, yet without the lofty cost regularly connected with top level memory units. Toss in the modules’ engaging visual plan and Team has a victor of a unit that merits your thought, especially for AMD clients where its set-and-fail to remember XMP profile is an ideal counterpart for the memory qualities of Ryzen 3000 series processors.

We may have expected somewhat more as far as overclocking execution out of the item, yet that is not actually a significant worry for some gamers who will just run it at its appraised speed. Maybe we were ruined by our new testing of G.Skill’s Trident X Royal DDR4-4000 C15 pack. Remember however that pack costs significantly more.

Returning to the Team unit, you’ll know whether this pack requests to you after only one gander at its plan and determinations. Incredible looks, a problem free XMP speed rating, low idleness and a reasonable value implies all the significant boxes are ticked. Truly, could you ask for anything better?

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