Top 5 Free Android Apps You Must Try in September

Top 5 Free Android Apps You Must Try in September

It’s the start of September and it’s time for a new batch of the best Android Apps. This time we have an app that will help you control your media volume more systematically, an app that will help you discover more podcasts and a game that kind of looks like rocket league, but isn’t.


The first app on our list is VolEQ. If you are someone who switches between video streaming apps a lot, you might find this one quite useful to have a balanced audio experience. You can create different presets inside the app for each of these content streaming apps. So, if you are watching videos on YouTube or watching a series on Netflix, you can try the balanced preset. Basically, quiet sounds will be just a hit louder and louder sounds will be a bit quieter.

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The noisy preset helps in cutting down the noise in videos that have a lot going on in the background. The Podcast preset is pretty self-explanatory. You can try that when you listen to podcasts, it basically equalizes the sound, so even whispers will be very well audible to you. You can even manually adjust the presets, according to your liking.


The next app on our list is STFO. I know, it’s a bizarre name, but it’s quite a useful app. It’s basically a do not disturb app on steroids. So let’s say you are busy working and do not want to be disturbed, but at the same time you don’t want to miss out on an important message from your parents, friend or your colleagues, this app will help you tackle that issue.

You can program different types of rules inside the app. You can choose the app you want to add a rule to and you can choose what kind of message cues should send you a notification. For eg – I’ve added cues like ‘Urgent’, ‘Important’ and such things. So whenever a message contains these words, I’ll get a notification even if the phone is on Do Not Disturb mode.

Similarly, you can add the word ‘Sale’ from a particular app and it can clear the notification for you so that you do not have to manually do it every time there is a discount offer on a product from your wishlist. There are a ton of other actions that the app can perform.

Crash Drive 3:

This time around we have included a game as well. Crash Drive 3 is a simple car game but in an open world. You can drive around and do some tricks. You can play both online and offline. There are some missions on the top right of your screen that you have to complete in order to gain the first place. You get to do different types of stunts and a variety of missions and you get points based on that. The game is super fun and a proper time-killer, however, it’s a bit tough to control the car with these given touch buttons. You might have to tweak that around a bit.


Flux is by far the most attractive and one of the most accurate weather apps that I was able to find on the PlayStore. You get all the basics with the temperature on the front page with some more details about the hourly weather forecast. You can also take a look at the timeline right here to see what the weather was a few hours ago.

You can even change the theme of the app from a couple of choices given. You also get the option to change the illustration theme of the entire app and choose the one you like the most.

If you scroll down you get to know the details, like the precipitation rate, the wind, UV index and the AQ. You can even enable morning briefs and heads up so that you can be prepared before leaving your house for work.


The final app on our list is Moonbeam. If you are someone like me who loves to listen to podcasts, this might be the perfect app for you. Upon opening the app, it asks you to choose certain categories of your liking so that the app can recommend some podcasts to you. You get choices such as movies, sports, science, movies, entertainment and a bunch of other options

Initially, it just plays a couple of seconds that might interest you. And if something catches your eyes or rather ears. You can then click on that podcast and listen to it completely in the app itself. The app also shows you all the details about that particular podcast. You can even discover more podcasts from the discover tab and everything is neatly organized for everyone to access the podcasts easily without any hassles.These were some of the best apps for the month of September. Which is your favourite free Android app? Let us know via the comments.

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